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redline rewind

2018 icca performance


originally performed by natasha bedingfield

arrangement- matthew brown

soloist- paige ellis


originally performed by sia

arrangement- grace gosnear

soloist- katie o'neil


originally performed by katy perry

arrangement- kenneth lautz

soloists- emma mccoy, grace gosnear, anthony vincent

2019 redline retreat

"light on"

originally performed by maggie rogers

arrangement- connor hurley

soloist- abby riddlesberger

a redline throwback


originally performed by lorde

arrangement- kc beauregard, alex ruhling

soloist- ajani gibson

Redline A Cappella Spring Concert 2024

Redline A Cappella Spring Concert 2024

Redline A Cappella Spring Concert 2024 Since 2003, Redline A Cappella has been entertaining audiences on campus at the Catholic University of America, at neighboring universities, across the DC metropolitan area, and around the country. The first co-ed a cappella group on Catholic University’s campus, Redline performs a variety of musical genres, and all of their repertoire is arranged by members of the group. Distinguished by their signature red Converse, expect their captivating musical performances to transport you much farther than their namesake metro line. Check out what the group has been up to by finding them on social media @redlinecua. Repertoire: Marry You by Bruno Mars - Keli Georges Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha - Abby Brown & Abby Kearney Love Medley by E. Presley, S. Sanchez - John Manning & Alei Monzon Avalanche by Walk the Moon - Lourdes Nguyen Landslide by Tiny Habits - Anita Gulia, Lourdes Nguyen & Olivia Nealis Disturbia by Rihanna - Alei Monzon Light On by Maggie Rodgers - Delaney Harty Thank you! On behalf of Redline A Cappella, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this concert possible. To our friends and family, thank you for your continued support. For sound and setup, we would like to thank CUA’s Events and Conference Services. To our staff advisor PJ Connolly, thank you for your guidance. Thank you to our alumni for shaping us into the group we are today. To all of the biddies, thank you for sharing your gift with us. If you leave the light on, we’ll leave the light on.
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